Andy Findlay's Intense Tennis Camps

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some of the differences between the ‘Superclinic’ and an ‘Extended Day Camp’?
A. The Superclinic (SC) and the Extended Day Camp (EDC) differ from the 5-day camp experience
by time, finances, content etc The EDC accommodates campers residing at their own residence;
however, we feel this detracts from the benefits of a residential, collegiate experience. The SC is
basically a ‘1/2 camp’ catering to a variety of demographic groups who are unable to attend the
longer, 6-day experience. The SC costs $479. The EDC costs $550.

Q. Can you provide me with some details about being an Extended Day Camper?
A. Based on 20 years experience and because it promotes environmental, social, and college-prep skills, and while allowing campers to keep within an intense and changing schedule, we recommend an awesome, residential experience vs EDC. However, we fully understand family needs and can make either the residential or EDC experience work well.

EDC details/times;
Sun. 6:30pm SRU courts – 10pm at Residential Suites.
Mon.-Wed. 9am cts, 5:30-10pm, depart by arrangement.
Invited to stay ‘til 10pm with pick-up at our Residential Suites.
Thurs. 4pm depart from courts.
Lunch & Dinner – provided.
Cost - $550

Traditionally, we host 1 or 2 EDCs/week. They usually make instant, awesome, lifetime tennis friends Sun. eve/Mon. am. and are invited to ‘hang out’ with them thru lunch and dinner.
Attending Camp with a friend is the ideal way to establish a pre-camp comfort level, but this is non-essential because our experience is that kids ‘break ice’ and meet people rapidly.

Q. Why don’t you accept beginner tennis players?
A. Experience has shown us that 30 hours of tennis and tennis-related off-court activities is simply
too much for a beginner. Local clinics are better for first-year players/beginners to maintain and
improve their interest in our favorite lifetime sport. Committing to a full week of Tennis Camp
has its risks. Play locally this year and come to Tennis Camp next year.

Q. What is your definition of an ‘Intermediate’ tennis player?
A. Our definition of an Intermediate tennis player:
- has received instruction on forehand, backhand, volleys, and serve.
- understands court positioning and scoring.

Q. Is there a weekend option available for children to stay more than one week?
A. With significant advanced notice, we can 'possibly' make provisions for this.
Do consider driving to SRU, staying in an area hotel, and visiting the w. Pa area with your child in
between camps.

Q. Is attending two camps advisable or is this too repetitive?
A. Historically, several campers participate in multiple weeks…and return and repeat the following
year. Is this advisable? Your choice. Certainly involve your child in this decision. Personally, I like
the idea of taking the Camp learning experience on to the tournament courts…and perhaps repeating
this. Is this too repetitive? Definitely not. There’s sooo much happening both on and off court and
with different people during our Intense Tennis Camps. And after all, isn’t tennis all about hitting
that same old winner automatically and repetitively.

Q. What meals are provided?
A. Buffet-style meals are provided Sun. dinner thru Thurs. lunch.
I recommend campers bring $50 extra for food, stringing, and spending money.

Q. Is there a Camp t-shirt?
A. Yes! ITC provides a Camp t-shirt at the Monday evening chalk talk.

Q. Is there any medical help?
A. Athletic Medicine personnel are in attendance during all on-court sessions.

Q. What temperatures can we expect?
A. We have experienced 90+ degree temperatures and heat-related conditions.
At the courts, we provided ample water/Gatorade, ice, rest, shade, cooling fans, and help.
Be prepared to play in very hot/extreme temperatures. Hydrate properly prior to Camp.

Q. What happens if it rains? Is there any indoor back-up?
A. In the unlikely event of continued rain, two on-site indoor courts are available.
Six hard courts are lit so we can go past 9:00pm.
Also, we will watch videos, rock-climbing, swimming, chalk-talks on nutrition, mental toughness,
Strength training, sportsmanship, rules, goals, doubles tactics, injury prevention, movement skills,
breathing patterns, grips, indoor workouts, ping-pong. quizzes, etc.
In the event of extended inclement weather, we will travel in the afternoons to area indoor clubs.

Q. Is stringing offered?
A. Yes! $14/own string ($20 with ours).

Q. Can I get a 3-person suite?
A. "No". I wish I could simply say "Yes", but my contract with SRU and website clearly states: "AIR-
with legal and insurance implications...and penalties/fines.
Participants need to pair up or we can assign a similar age roommate.
However, I can control 'next door' suites.
Each residential building and each wing have unique designs and, 24 hours prior to camp, I meet with
the building RA where we are assigned specific suites, at which time some other limited design.
possibilities (1 or 4) could emerge, but '3' is virtually impossible.

Q. Can I get a 4-person suite?
A. You may request a 4-person suite. However, as stated above, we are ‘contracted’ for 2-Person Suites.
Campers MUST register with a roommate or request a roommate. Suites are assigned 24 hours prior
to Camp. In the event of an uneven number of same-gender campers, we must use a 4-person suite
for 3 campers.

Q. How do you place the kids in groups?
A. Initially, campers register as ‘Intermediate’, ‘Advanced Intermediate’, ‘Advanced’, or ‘Tournament’.
This information is collected and given strong consideration. Campers are observed by the full-staff
on Sunday evening and placed in color-coded groups for the Monday morning teaching session.
Monday afternoon, ideally, campers play two mini-matches and this new data allows us to objectively
change the groups for Tuesday morning. And this process is repeated Tuesday afternoon thus
changing Wednesday’s morning assignments. There is constant change and ideally, daily, each kid
plays two opponents within their ‘range’. We rent courts in the afternoon at Grove City College to
accommodate maximum singles play.

Q. Can you arrange to pick my kid up from Pittsburgh International Airport?
A. Yes, this is possible ($40 fee each way).

Q. I see your minimum age is 11 y.o. Why can’t my 10 y.o. attend the Intense Tennis Camps?
A. Having hosted 8-9-10 y.o. in the past, we feel there are risks involved with most under 11 y.o. at
week-long, overnight camps. To keep these youngsters in tennis for life, we feel that 11 y.o. is the
opening age for residential campers. One exception is when the 10 y.o. has an older same-gender
sibling as his/her roommate. Also, we must be fair to the 11-18 y.o. campers.

Q. If I register with a roommate, am I guaranteed this assignment will happen?
A. 90% of requests are honored; however, sometimes the same roommate is requested by several
people. In these instances, we will use our best judgment and probably contact those involved.


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